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The Life And Success Of Jean Piaget. By. Jasmine Simmons.

The Life and Success of Jean Piaget By Jasmine Simmons Harris Stowe State University EDUC 0223 (01) Introduction: Jean William Fritz Piaget born (August 9th 1896 – September 6th1980) in Neuchatel, Switzerland, would become one of the worlds best Philosopher and Psychologist. One of his best works was the Cognitive Development on children which is also used in today’s way of how a child learns as well as the Binet Intelligent Test which is still used in today’s school system. Piaget was a very inquisitive child and began his scientific research at the age of 11. He found it very interested at a very young age how a child learn and think. Born to a Swiss father and French mother, Jean Piaget was the oldest child. His father, Arthur†¦show more content†¦Also during the 1920s, Piaget worked with 2 other scientists; Theodore Simon and Alfred Binet to study more on how a child learn and the certain connections between a child’s age and the natures of his errors. (Jean Piaget Biograghy). This study grew more interest about how a child learn for Jean Piaget and he also found out that during this study that most younger children seem to make a lot more mistakes than older children or young adults. â€Å"Factual knowledge should not be equated with intelligence or understanding.† -Jean Piaget ( Editors, 2017) Piaget allowed children to learn from their mistakes and explain to him what they learn from it. He then came to the conclusion that children mistakes are innocently made from lack of experience. Piaget also believed in social interaction with children as well, building a strong foundation and relation with children in order for them to learn. Piaget got married in 1923 to a woman by the name of Valerie Chatenay and had 3 children that he also did many cognitive studies on. This study lasted until 1929 and he then became the Director of the International Bureau of Education. During his time of this study, he also was drafted in the annual ‘Director’s Speech for the IBE Council’ every year as well as the

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The Public School System Is Made Up Of A Diverse Group Of...

The public school system is made up of a diverse group of individuals that have the same common goal, to learn. Schools have the task of educating and meeting the academic and social needs of all students regardless of their learning ability. Most students are able to successfully survive with the general population and receive the same services as their peers. There are some students that require additional resources and services to be able to learn and access the curriculum. Students with disabilities are those students that have been tested and meet the criteria to be identified to receive specialized educational services. During the early 2000’s students with exceptionalities were mainstreamed into the regular classroom setting and everyone knew who they were. They usually didn’t attend the class every day and didn’t have to complete the assignments that all of the other students had to complete. They would generally come late to class, leave early, and sometimes have someone with them. No one made fun of them because all the students knew that they were â€Å"special† and accepted them as part of the class. There were other students that were in the school that students knew was there but they never attended the classes with everyone else. They would change classes but never would have books and also seem to never have homework or the daily struggles that most of the students had. The general population had no idea that they were identified as students withShow MoreRelatedRalph Ellison s Invisible Man1268 Words   |  6 Pagesyet, in the meantime offering the pursuer a look into his one of a kind view of the occasions that occur all throughout the novel. As the novel unfolds it turns out to be clear to the audience that anonymous storyteller is an extremely gullible individual, who, because of his honesty, is living to satisfy the indiscreet desires of others. The societal desires constrained on him essentially concern the personality of an African American, or, to be more particular, what certain gatherings or peopleRead MoreIs Mill Vs Board Of Education Of The District Of Columbia872 Words   |  4 PagesChanges Today’s society is different in its thinking when dealing with people with disabilities. There had to be many changes made in its labeling, and approach when dealing with people who may have physical/mental differences. The ostracize behavior that people were known to disturb in society has changed a great deal, due to the many federal laws that have been put in place to insure the well-being of people that have disabilities. In 1972, one very well-known case is Mill vs Board of EducationRead MoreQuestions On Managing Diverse Classrooms1050 Words   |  5 PagesManaging Diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students Cultural Strengths Elise Trumbull’s theory that a cross-cultural conflict in values between Latino immigrant families and the schools was the heart of the problem of formal education for the families of these children and Carrie Rothstein-Fisch’s expertise in pre-service teacher training produced Managing Diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students Cultural Strengths. This book also provides educators with an understanding of how cultureRead MoreCulture Diversity And Diversity1639 Words   |  7 Pagesappearance with regards to culturally diverse organizations is the new normal. The purpose of this paper is to examine the definitions of culture, diversity and multiculturalism as well as provide some insight into the current standings around these topics as a nation and within an urban public school system. First, definitions of culture, diversity, and multicultural perspectives will be presented. Followed by personal reflections on some current issues in public schools organizations c ulture and its impactRead MoreEssay about Affirmative Action and Higher Education1546 Words   |  7 PagesRegents of University of California v. Bakke in 1978, he attempted to give a rational for affirmative action in higher education that did not rely on retribution for one race; however, over time modest progress improving minority representation in schools have combined with the frustrations of a new generation to create a present situation that puts the pasts policies under new political and legal scrutiny. When the Bakke decision was handed down it set standards for what affirmative action programsRead MoreThe Purpose Of Public School Education1678 Words   |  7 PagesThe purpose of public school education is to provide students with the tools and skills to continue to higher education, and to help them pursue their goals and dreams in life. It is meant to provide inspiring, positive and culturally affirming experiences that make students excited to learn and succeed. While many students are prepared properly in public schools, this is not true for all. For several students, education is not stimulating, and is dull and boring, or perhaps provides negative andRead MoreAn Interview With A Public School Setting1713 Words   |  7 PagesWorking in a public school setting provides a rich profusion of opportunities to interact with both children and adults claiming a multitude of different cultural and ethnic identities. As diverse populations continue to grow in the U.S., it becomes inc reasingly necessary for professionals and service workers of all types to acquire cultural competency. Although Suh (2004) identifies multiple variations of the exact definition, and the term as a whole contains many different components, its meaningRead MoreThe Importance Of Education In Society1413 Words   |  6 PagesThe institute of education in a society is how schools affect the students’ outcomes and where they end up in life. The definition of education typically varies, but is considered the socialization of the younger generation. Education in our society is viewed as a vital aspect to the American lifestyle. Children’s first encounters with a group of individuals within their age range is in school. Typically, many start with Kindergarten at age five and progress every year until grade 12. The purposeRead MoreConflict Between Education And Education1727 Words   |  7 Pagesstatewide common-school systems.The motivation behind the building of public schoo ling in the mid nineteenth century was to create social stability. They hoped that by making education available for all, it would help the diverse population have more things in common while also minimizing poverty and crime. Public education would additionally help better prepare the next generation, allowing for more opportunities in their future. Since then, the American educational system evolved and has made much progressRead MoreEssay about Education Challenges Facing Hispanics in the United States1413 Words   |  6 Pagesfinally drawing that attention of schools, state offices, the federal government, and the marketplace. As the new, largest minority, as well as the largest bilingual group, in the United States, Hispanics are finally being recognized as a group of people with the potential to greatly impact economic, social, and education reform. In this paper, several issues will be examined that relate to education: language barriers, poverty, cultural representation, an d problem schools. Through an understanding of

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“The Evacuation of Children in World War Two Was a Great Success” Free Essays

How far do the sources you have used support this interpretation of evacuation in World War Two? (25 marks) Before the War in September 1939, the government understood the risk of air raids and the danger they bring upon major cities in England. Plans for evacuation started as early as 15 years before in 1924; the Air Raid Precaution Committee (ARPC) identified London as the main target, with children as the biggest concern.The government identified, after the ARPC produced a report on the potential disasters of air raid attacks in 1925, that maintaining civilian morale was a priority, and that the fear of bombing would bring it down. We will write a custom essay sample on â€Å"The Evacuation of Children in World War Two Was a Great Success† or any similar topic only for you Order Now So, to prevent low morale (and also to ensure safety for what would be the future generation and social regeneration of Britain), the technique of evacuation was introduced. ‘Success’, in this case, is somewhat difficult to measure as it is a broad term when it comes to asking if it can be seen as a success in terms of numbers: ‘did the government send out as many people as they hoped to? or as a question of the success in the ‘well being of the evacuees’, and questioned as the overall safety of the evacuees: if death and casualty had been avoided/prevented. These sources help to show whether or not evacuation in World War Two was a ‘success’. Evacuation can be seen as a success if the evacuees, specifically children were ‘happy’. This is important as being considered ‘successful’ as whether or not they were treated well and were happy would influence the public morale of the citizens remaining in the city.For example, source one shows a group of children with their accompanying teacher in a Berkshire village, 1939. They appear to be ‘happy’ and well looked after; they seem well dressed and smiling in a peaceful, unthreatening looking setting, safely away from the danger of bombs/air raids. Also, as a teacher is shown to be with them, success id further proven in that the government managed to continue educational services throughout the operation (this point is additionally shown in sources three and four).This suggests evacuation was a success. Though, as the photo shows evacuation in a positive light, it could suggest a propaganda element. However, though possible, it seems unlikely that the photo is staged making it reliable to determine evacuation as a success through child ‘well-being’ and happiness. Furthermore, a view of it being successful in this way is source three, a newspaper extract from Kent, September 1939. The overall impression given is that evacuation was very much a successful operation.According to the source for the majority, it was a ‘happy adventure and homesickness quickly fled’. Again, this suggests success in the well being of the evacuees, though the source goes on to show this further saying that children were ‘eating high teas beyond their dreams and went up to bedrooms larger than thought possible’. From this we can infer that evacuation was a success in the way that children were living better out in the countryside not only for safety, but for lifestyle as well.However, this source is much less reliable that source one as it appears to be in fact very biased as a newspaper trying to imply the best out of evacuation to keep morale high, so it is harder to derive a conclusion of success from the source. Another way in which success is shown through the sources is that evacuation did the job that it was set out to do: to protect the children, and those who are at most risk, from the danger of war, specifically bombing in the city. Source five is a picture showing a bombed school playground in London.From this, we can infer that this is an example of what the government was trying to move children/evacuees away from. It also shows how, being a school playground, children were indeed at risk, thus, by sending the children away, they were, as far as we know, doing a good job of keeping them safe. Overall, this source shows that evacuation was successful as we can infer that children would clearly be safer out of the city, thus justifying evacuation itself. To further justify evacuation and therefore show its success in keeping evacuees safe, source six shows casualties in Liverpool.It shows that the death rate was generally over 100 and even in May 1941, at 1453. Again, this justifies the need to evacuate and the safety achieved through evacuation. Finally, sources three shows the success in evacuation as the sources show effectiveness and good organisation as a success of evacuation. This encompasses overall efficiency and pre-evacuation planning. To be able to transport the huge amount of 1million (intended 4million) to the countryside required this efficiency and overall, sources three and source two mention the efficiency and order of the transport (trains) and organisation in the countryside.In source three, a newspaper article from Kent, says that the departures were efficient, reflecting that it was seen to that ‘each child got milk and food’, and followed up with ‘no confusion’. Even source two, though showing evacuation in a negative way, also comments that the trains ‘ran to time’ and that evacuation came ‘complete with teachers’. Having teachers is shown in sources one, three and four as well. In source one, it is shown as a teacher with a group of children, in three there are mentioned ‘teachers in charge’ and in four, the graph shows about 103,000 teachers were evacuated.The fact that they were able to organise having teachers for the children, as well as having sufficient transport for a million people, shows great planning and effectiveness of the evacuation programme as a success in World War Two. On the other hand, evacuation can be seen as unsuccessful through the sources. One point is that of numbers; according to source four, ‘4 million had been planned for but only 1. 5million went’.Source four is most probably reliable as it is a textbook extract, with the main aim of ‘to inform’, and thus the historian writing this has no reason to twist the truth. Even though this shows efficiency, it shows how evacuation was not successful, as it didn’t go according to government’s plans. It also could suggest that the public didn’t see quite the same urgency to evacuate as the government. This interpretation is further shown as one of the sources is a propaganda poster discouraging mothers to bring their children back to the city.This shows this unsuccessful side to evacuation as it shows that mothers needed this encouragement though posters. This shows how evacuation was unsuccessful in encouraging the public. Source seven suggests that social barriers were broken with the ‘effect of showing one side of the nation to the other’, however two sources suggest different: source 2, a source showing a mainly negative view on evacuation, implies that the social responsibility was not evenly spread and that ‘the poor housed the poor and the wealthy evaded their responsibilities’. This is an alternate view that people weren’t treating the evacuees correctly that goes against mainly source one and three. Source one and three are both from the start of the war (1939 specifically) and therefore could be seen as too specific to generalise a positive experience for the duration on the war and that perhaps source two, a negative view, is a better outlook, despite being a secondary source, on the success of the war as it shows a view over time. Considering all the elements that determine whether ‘The evacuation of children in World War Two was a great success’, I believe that evacuation was in fact a success in most ways of measuring ‘success’: the overall operation fulfilled it’s aims of protecting children from bombs to safer quieter areas of the country (like source one depicts) and that the government did so in an orderly, effective fashion. However, I would not call the evacuation programme a ‘completely’ a success nor a ‘great success’ thorough considering that fewer went than planned and that it is difficult to derive a positive experience from the evacuees themselves. A ‘great success’ suggests complete fulfilment of original plans and a large majority happy and well treated in the operation. Not all sources agree with this, thus, overall, I conclude my agreement that evacuation in World War Two was successful, though not a ‘great’ success. How to cite â€Å"The Evacuation of Children in World War Two Was a Great Success†, Essays

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Price Elasticity of Demand and Health Care free essay sample

Running Heading: Price Elasticity and Health Care Price Elasticity of Demand and Health Care Table of Contents I. II. Introduction III. Measure of Health Care Demand IV. Price Elasticity of Demand for HealthCare V. RAND Study VI. Health Care Trends in 2007 VII. Summary Introduction The Health Care System in the U. S continues to be a topic of debate as the cost for health care continue to grow. Many Americans are being forces to change the way they use the health care system as the costs rising faster than their income. More than 6 in 10 Americans with ealth insurance coverage indicate that the costs they are responsible for paying under their plan have increased in the past year. This paper examines the elasticity of demand for health care services. Measure of Health Care Demand The demand for health care is often measured by the quantity of services used such as the number of doctor visits, prescriptions filled or inpatient hospital stays. We will write a custom essay sample on Price Elasticity of Demand and Health Care or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The demand is also measured by the total costs of the services. The cost of health care for the consumer usually depends on the amount of premiums, deductible, and coinsurance or copayments that they are required to contribute. The amounts can vary and this can make it difficult to estimate the price elasticity of demand for health care services. In order to gage the effect of price changes, the researcher would need to determine the effective price that a consumer is willing to pay for an additional unit of health care services. Elasticity of Demand for Health Care The price elasticity of demand measures the percentage change in quantity demanded resulting from a 1 percent change in price. The elasticity of demand for a product or service will vary depending on the level of price and quantity at which it is evaluated. The elasticity of demand can vary depending on the different combinations of price and quantity demanded. As the norm, the price elasticity of demand will always be negative. This indicates that the consumer will demand less of the service or good as the price increase all other factors held constant. The demand for health care has been consistently found to be price inelastic due to the few close substitutes for medical services. The range of price elasticity it tends to be around – 0. 17, meaning that a 1 percent increase in the cost of health care will lead to a 0. 17 percent eduction in health care expenditures. Studies show that the demand levels decrease as the levels of cost sharing decrease. Some types of services such as pharmacy and preventative care benefits are tend to have higher price elasticities since there are other goods or services that can serve as substitutes. As a result, the consumer is able to move toward substitute services or goods as the price increa ses. The demand for health care is also considered to be income inelastic. The estimates of income elasticity of demand are in the range of 0 to 0. 2. This measure indicates that as income ncreases, the demand for health care services increase as well. The demand for health care can also be affected by the services being offered by a particular health plan. The variation of out-of- pocket expenses for services or premiums can impact the number of plan enrollees and the demand for health care services paid for by that plan. RAND Study Between 1974 and 1982, the government, funded a social insurance experiment referred to as the RAND Health Insurance Experiment (HIE). The experience was intended to answer some question pertaining to the demand for health care. Families in six sites were randomly placed into different insurance plans. The plans had different levels of cost-sharing, deductible amounts and out-of-pocket maximums. Although the HIE was conducted decades ago, the results of the studies are considered the â€Å"gold standard† for health demand elasticity estimates. The HIE studies compared health care use among individuals in different insurance plans. The studies indicated that use of health care services in the HIE was not affected by the out-of-pocket maximums. For coinsurance rates between 0 and 25 percent, the price elasticity of medical expenditures was found to be –0. 17. Consistent with the patterns seen in observational studies, the demand for health care was found to be somewhat more price sensitive as the coinsurance rate increased. In the HIE, coinsurance rates between 25 and 95 percent yielded elasticity estimates of –0. 22. The health care system has changed over the years since the experiment was conducted. There have been significant advances in medical technology and the pharmaceutical market. Healthcare Trends in 2007 Health care costs were estimated to 16. 2% of the U. S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007. The 2007 Health Confidence Survey (HCS) is conducted annually to get feedback from Americans regarding the health care system in the U. S. The survey was conducted within the United States between May 17 and June 10, 2007, through 20-minute telephone interviews with 1,000 individuals ages 21 and older. Random digit dialing was used to obtain a representative cross section of the U. S. population. The results show that rising health care costs are affecting the way that consumers use the health care system. Although some positive changes have been made, some consumers are delaying going to the doctor or not filling prescriptions due to the high cost. Some of the trends identified in the survey are: . 63 percent of Americans with health insurance coverage reported they experienced an increase in The costs they are responsible for paying under their plan in the past year. Of these, a large percentage says the increased costs have caused them to try to take better care of themselves (81 percent in 2007; 71 percent in 2005), talk to the doctor more regarding treatment o ptions and costs (66 percent in 2007; 57 percent in 2005), go to the doctor only for serious conditions or symptoms (64 percent in 2007; 54 percent in 2005), delay going to the doctor (50 percent in 2007; 40 percent in 2005), and not fill or skip doses of heir prescribed medications(28 percent in 2007; 21 percent in 2005). †¢ Those consumers that incurred cost increases are also likely to report that these increases have negatively affected their household finances. For some, the increase resulted in a decrease in contributions to retirement (30 percent) and other savings (52 percent) and difficulty paying for basic necessities (29 percent) and other bills (36 percent). †¢ Three-quarters of those with employment-based health coverage (76 percent) state they would prefer $7,500 in employment-based health benefits to an additional $7,500 in taxable income. Six in 10 rate the health care system as fair (29 percent) or poor (30 percent). Many consumers feel the health care sys tem needs a complete overhaul (24 percent) or requires major changes (47 percent). †¢ While half of Americans (51 percent) remain satisfied with health care quality, less than 2 in 10 are satisfied with the cost of health insurance (18 percent) or with costs not covered by insurance (16 percent). Many consumers believe they have no impact or no influence on the overall health care costs. Due to the rising health care costs, many American consumers are concerned about how the costs nd 15% view health care as a critical issue. While that is a small percentage, the dissatisfaction with the American health care system is widespread. Summary As the life expectancy has increased over the years, the demand of health care has increased. The cost of health care has also continued to increase, however, there will always be a demand for health care services. The demand for health care will be affected by economic variables such as plan design, income, and risk preferences. Overall, the pr ice elasticity of demand for heath care is relatively low. References The Kaiser Family Foundation (2007, September). Trend in Health Care Costs and Spending Retrieved November 30, 2007 from http://www. kff. org/insurance/upload/7692. pdf Employee Benefit Research Institute (2007, November) Notes: 2007 Health Confidence Survey: Rising HealthCare Costs Are Changing the Ways Americans Use the Health Care System. Retrieved December 3, 2007 from http://www. ebri. org. Ringel, Hosek, Vollaard, and Mahnovski. (2005) The Elasticity of Demand for Health Care: A Review of the Literature and Its Application to the Military Health System. Retrieved December 5, 2007 from http://www. rand. org/pubs/monograph_reports/2005/MR1355. pdf.

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Science Investigatory Project of Group Essays

Science Investigatory Project of Group Essays Science Investigatory Project of Group Paper Science Investigatory Project of Group Paper Fertilizers are any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin that is added to a soil to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of the plant. Good fertility is fundamental to successful plant growth and the application of fertilizers and manures is an essential graining act activity. The maintenance of adequate levels of nutrients in the soil is essential for healthy plant growth. The present study deals with the utilization fruit peels for the effective growth of plants and higher yield. Different fruit peels such as, Orange pineapple and banana were used. Scope and Limitations: This investigation is limited only to prove if orange, banana, and pineapple peelings can help to lower the acidity of soil. The acidity of soil is tested by the litmus paper . This investigation may finish within one week. Significance of the Study Orange (citrus genesis), banana (MUSM communicate) and pineapple Nanas commons) peeling possesses special properties that is needed to control the acidity of the soil.. These materials will be used a fertilizer and tested its ability to germinate mug beans(vagina radiate). This study will promote the relevance of farming by using these materials as a fertilizer and as new crop. It encourages households to recycle their orange and banana peelings to compost it in their plots and grow mug beans as an alternative crop. Finally, it inspire people to further study and search for more benefits from fruits, vegetables and other agricultural reduces. Acidic soil having a pH value less than 4 have toxic amounts of Aluminum and Manganese. Alkaline soils have iron, manganese, zinc, boron and copper deficiency. Fertilizer use, plant root activity, and rainfall are some of the causes of soil pH decrease. Accumulation of magnesium and calcium salts results in having an alkaline soil. Bananas are a good source of manganese, vitamin BE and vitamin C. They are also a great source of energy. It is rich in potassium that helps counter the effects of sodium. Aside from manganese, it is also a good source of magnesium and copper. The mineral magnesium helps to strengthen the bones and help avoid cardiac-related problems. The mineral copper can help anemic persons gain red blood cells. It is also a source of vitamin C. Banana peelings are rich in anti-oxidants and potassium. It can be used for skin care purposes. The peelings can help treat splinters and scratches. They can be used in polishing. The website http:// www. Intercommunications. Com/2014/never-throw-away-orange- banana-peels. HTML says that the peelings can absorb lead and copper from water. Oranges belong to the Reeducate family of the genus; Citrus. Its scientific name is Citrus Genesis. Oranges are rich in Pectin which helps to protect the mucous membrane of the colon. Oranges have very good levels of Vitamin A which is essential for vision and healthy skin. It has very good amounts Of potassium and calcium. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C which helps the body to develop resistance against infectious agents. Organic, pesticide free orange peels are edible and help to improve digestion. Orange peels can help people with oily skin. It can be added to meat dishes to enhance its flavor. Powdered Orange peels can help some respiratory problems. Orange peels can also help a person experiencing nausea. Pineapples are a fruit from the species Nanas commons. It is rich in foliates, thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine and minerals like copper, manganese and potassium. It is an excellent source of vitamin C which is required for the collagen synthesis in the body. It is also a source of broomball which helps to break down proteins. Pineapples also are a source of vitamin A but in only a mall amount. Pineapple peelings can be used in many ways like using it to create beverages. They can be prepared to treat the skin in a form of a foot scrub. It is also a source of broomball. Pineapple peelings are rich in cellulose, homelessness and carbohydrates. Pineapple peelings can also be turned into other things or just to produce fragrance. The purpose of this study is to find an alternative way to change the pH of soil. Success in this study will give some fruit peelings a new use which will lessen garbage. Using fruit peelings can be better as not everyone can have access to agricultural lime or sulfates. Gardeners and farmers also have a greater access to fruit peelings since some plant fruits. They can use their very own products to change the soil pH. METHODOLOGY To test the effect of fruit peelings to the acidity of soil, materials will be collected or prepared in order to have a successful experiment. The materials needed for this study are litmus paper, five containers with same sizes, fruit peelings from different kinds Of fruits, specifically Orange, Banana and Pineapple, 2 kilograms of soil, water and quail eggshells. Litmus paper will be used to test the acidity of soil before and after applying the peelings. Water will be used to test soil acidity. Quail eggshells will be prepared as to have a controlled set-up. After obtaining the materials, the experiment can then be started. A scoop of soil from a container will be mixed into a cup of water. The soil and the water must be mix well. Once the soil and the water completely mixed with each other, a litmus paper will be applied to a sufficient amount. The soil must be mixed with water to allow a reaction to take place with the litmus paper. The containers will be labeled A, B, C and D. The soil will be divided into 4 containers, the fruit peelings will be added to containers A, B, and C. Each container must receive only fruit peelings from a particular plant. The container A must be filled with pineapple peelings, container B must be filled with Orange peelings and container C be filled with Banana peelings. Meanwhile, the quail eggshells will be place to container D. Allowing a day to pass will at least allow the independent variables, the fruit peelings and the quail eggshells in particular, to decompose. The testing of soil must be daily nice the peelings or eggshells will not decompose quickly. The watering of soil will also help the decomposition process of the fruit peelings and quail eggshells. Quail eggshells are the controlled variables since it is the one originally used. A chart or a notebook will be prepared for recording the observations.

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Dam and Damn - Commonly Confused Words

Dam and Damn - Commonly Confused Words The words dam and damn are homophones: they sound the same but have different meanings.The noun dam refers to a barrier that holds back water. As a verb, dam means to hold back or confine. As a verb, damn means to criticize or to condemn as bad or inferior. As an interjection, damn is used to express anger, frustration, or disappointment. As an adjective, damn serves as a shorted form of damned. Examples Are you that little Dutch  boy with the finger in the dam trying to prevent the wall from coming down and the water from flooding your valley?  (Jeanette C. Morgan, The Voice That Must Be Heard. Tate, 2010)The Boers were unsuccessful in their efforts to dam up the Klip River in order to flood the town.Damn them, he cursed inwardly, years of bitter resentment welling up inside him. Damn them for laughing, damn the driver for swearing at him! Damn the whole town.(James Herbert, The Fog. Pan Macmillan, 1999) Practice The man could be concealing the fact that his stones were enchanted by black magic, helping to _____ the person who used them.  (Piers Anthony, On a Pale Horse. Del Rey Books, 1983)Waves were crashing against the _____ in front of us, and we were drenched by the wild spray.There was a treaty that said the Indians could always fish the falls. But the government wanted to build a _____ to generate electricity for the cities and store water for the farmers.  (Craig Lesley, Winterkill. Houghton Mifflin, 1984) Answers to Practice Exercises The man could be concealing the fact that his stones were enchanted by black magic, helping to  damn  the person who used them. (Piers Anthony,  On a Pale Horse.  Del Rey Books, 1983)Waves were crashing against the  dam  in front of us, and we were drenched by the wild spray.There was a treaty that said the Indians could always fish the falls. But the government wanted to build a  dam  to generate electricity for the cities and store water for the farmers.   (Craig Lesley,  Winterkill. Houghton Mifflin, 1984)

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Pornography in a Contemporary Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pornography in a Contemporary Culture - Essay Example There are several reasons why it should be treated in such a way. To begin with, it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that many people use pornography as exhaust valve to release sexual tension. Indeed, such movies and clips are primarily targeted at lonely people who would like to experience intimacy, but they are currently not only to do so. In addition to that, it may help a person to deal with tension that may be built inside without any harm to other people around.Another point that should be mentioned that individual people or even couples might watch pornography in order to improve their sexual technique (Strossen 163). There is no doubt that the actors that are featured in such movies have mastered different aspects of this activity and are able to help those who struggle. Indeed, in this case pornography should be seen as a learning material that is watched privately. One can hardly object to the fact that healthy sexual relationship contribute to stability of romantic relationships. That is why to a certain extent such movie can reinforce a relationship.Finally, one should also note that in many countries pornography is a highly develop industry that occupies an important place in the social life. The amount of money that is generated by it is tremendous (Waskul 235). In addition to that, with the economic prosperity comes the quality of the material as well as safety for the actors. In other words, pornography should not be seen as some kind of illegal activity.